Reginald & Shané

Port Harold Botanical Gardens in Betty’s Bay painted the scene for this beautiful wedding. A family wedding. A joining of two sides, working in unison to bring every detail together. With gifts and letters written to their parents and to each other in anticipation of their union. The golden light grazed the outlines of the mountains and the edges of fynbos, graciously leading us through the gardens. Snapping portraits as we go.

The Minaar’s Celebration

“I found you from across the sea”. It was a hot December’s day that had the priviledge to capture this intimate wedding. She left Belgium to start a new in South Africa. At work she met this charming man who just wanted t have coffee with her. 2 Years later, he waited, and she finally said yes to that coffee. With close family and friends, they shared an intimate ceremony. Vergelegen, Somerset West outdid themselves with decor, efficient and friendly service and incredible food.

Verna & Laresa’s Intimate Wedding

On their farm in Montagu, called Eden (perfectly named), they hosted their intimate wedding. Every detail was filled with sentiment and purpose. From a specially composed poem of they’re journey in love as vows, to a string ceremony by which their rings are tied with string and this gets passed to each guest, symbolizing their part in Verna & Laresa’s life journey. An unspoken spiritual happening took place between all of us that cannot be accurately expressed in words. They’re calm demeanor, beautiful farm and relaxed atmosphere created such a serene celebration of the start of their lives together.

AJ & Eunice Wedding Collection

Forrest 44, Stellenbosch was the perfect setting for this beautiful couple’s wedding day. Lush green surroundings, tall forest trees, and fynbos blessed our lenses with graceful collisions between portraits and landscapes. AJ & Eunice’s wedding embodied their playful nature. They reminded us that even though we grow up, and get old, we should never forget to enjoy the simple things or forget to have fun. They even ended the evening with a weightlift display, each weight added symbolized challenges life may present and how we should lift them together.