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Welcome to Plain Blue!

We define ourselves as travelling photographers. Everywhere is home, and we find inspiration in the places we explore. We love creating unforgettable images for our clients, and to pour ourselves into our creative projects. Make sure to follow our social media accounts to know when we're in a town near you!

About Us

Hello! We’re so excited that you’re here.

We’re Gita and Shanellé. Collectively, we have over fifteen years experience in commercial, editorial and retail work, and have dedicated many years to perfecting our craft, refining our skills, and applying these to offer our clients the highest quality product. Photography is one of our greatest passions. We not only strive to deliver the highest quality product and service, but to connect with our clients on a human level, in order for us to provide you with a personal and customised experience.

We view your trust in us to deliver on your vision as the greatest honour, and our promise is to always treat it as such.


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Shanelle +27(0) 61 184 0202 or Gita +27(0) 81 077 8694

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We are travelling photographers from South Africa. Follow us on our social media accounts to see where we'll pop up next!

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